1821 Murray Manor


Ideally    situated    at    the    corner    of    Main    and    Forest Streets,      one      block      uphill      from      the      Yarmouth International     Ferry     Terminal,     the     historic     Murray Manor   Art   &   Culture   House   is   a   destination   for   many reasons. Food   aficionados   can   step   up   to   the   French   Crêperie window   to   order   warm   and   flavourful   sweet   or   savoury crêpes,   complemented   by   our   exclusive   blend   coffee. Specialty   sorbets   and   homemade   ice   cream   are   also lovingly   prepared   on   site.   Enjoy   these   in   our   garden setting, or while exploring our statuary haven.   Art    lovers    are    invited    to    tour    our    Gallery    -    featuring unique    work    of    the    most    renowned    regional    artists that   encompasses   several   mediums.   Talent   from   the fundamental    cultures    of    southwestern    Nova    Scotia    - Mi’kmaq,       Acadian       and       English       -       is       strongly represented. Historians       will       appreciate       the       Regency       Gothic architecture   of   this   heritage   home,   built   in1821   for   Dr. Joseph   Bond,   Yarmouth's   first   doctor.   The   kneeling   (or prayer)     windows     are     particularly     noteworthy.     The property    is    encircled    by    a    thick    hedge    and    sturdy stonewalls. We   encourage   the   sharing   and   appreciation   of   fine   art in     addition     to     providing     assistance     with     personal growth.    Art    classes,    cultural    events,    workshops    and many   other   exciting   happenings   are   planned   for   the future. The   Murray   Manor   Art   &   Culture   House   was   founded   by Vera   Saeme,   an   art   historian   and   alumna   of   the   Florida International University in Miami. Vera     has     lived     in     fourteen     countries,     speaks     six languages   and   has   collected   art   for   the   past   40   years.     She   utilizes   her   international   experience   and   network to    promote    artists    of    the    region    and    to    make    Nova Scotia   a   destination   for   art   and   tourism.   In   addition   to her    art    education,    Vera    has    completed    a    number    of continuing     education     courses,     including     Museum Studies,    Curating    and    Art    as    Global    Business    at    the Sotheby’s Art Institute. Our   hope   for   the   Murray   Manor   Art   &   Culture   House   is that all who visit will be enriched by their experience.